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hilarious funny and so monthy pyton style, I love it. thank you so much for this gem <3


This game is simply amazing. I feel like the long-awaited Second Coming of Monty Python has come, only embodied in a point and click game along with amazing voice acting. More games need to be made like this! Many kudos and encomiums do I humbly bestow,


this was fun! definitly the best musical point and click adventure set in Yorkshire with robots I ever played.


I really liked this game, found myself singing along at the end...great job!

Hey I had a great time making a video on this. It not often you get games about musicals and it was a nice change of pace! This was an awesome game with great voice acting! So happy my friend suggested this to me!

Hey! Excited to try this game, but I get a warning upon launch. "Hmm. That's not good. We can't initialise an Open GL context.... can't read preprty ' getextension' of null." Let me know if there's something else I need to install, thanks!

thanks for the game.  amazing!


Oh... there's no for win 32? I wanna play it, It looks so interesting, but my pc is win 32 one sob :""

Hello! I loved your game, it was wonderfully made with a stupendously silly story! I made a let's play of your game here~

Oh hey how marvellous! Thank you so much :D

I'm so glad you liked it! You're most welcome :D

Omg, I love everything you do! Another fun, very enjoyable game <3

this game is amazing in the story,the characters and overall,it was a nice experience.


Oh hey thanks for this!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D